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Language and the personality: the personality of the language

İbrahim BOR Assoc. Prof. Mardin Artuklu University Faculty of Literature, Departmant of Philosophy, Mardin, Turkey

ABSTRACT: Language is a capacity which is peculiar to humans and starts with their history. Various languages differ in relation to the spirit of various nations. This spirit causes differences in thought, language and identity of nations. Each language has an essential and inner form which distinguishes it from other languages. All kinds of linguistic and intellectual improvement develops in this form. Whilesome outer factors

and effects cause to backward or forward changes in the language, each one of these changes contain a civilisational seed related to their innerform. In this work I deal with the relationality of language and national identity with some aspects referring to the ideas of philosophers such as Chomsky, Herder, Humboldt etc. Keywords: Language, identity, form, spirit, Humboldt.

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