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Yekem Kovara Zarokan a Kurdî“Girr û Gallî Mindallanî Kurd”


In this study, Girr û Gallî Mindallanî Kurd, the first example of Kurdish children’s magazine, was introduced. We briefly mentioned the importance of children’s magazines and the first example in this area before proceeding to the introduc- tion of the magazine. In addition, before the publication of this magazine, the political positions of the Kurds in Iran and the printing and publishing situation were explained.

Because at that time the political situation is an indisputable factor for the publi- cation of this magazine. After giving these brief facts, we presented this magazine, which was published in 1946 as a three issue, both in content and form. It explains in detail how this magazine was prepared, what it was intended to publish and what kinds of articles were published. Finally, the original cover pages of the three issues of this magazine were shared with readers in this study.

Keywords: Children, magazine, Girr û Gallî Mindallanî Kurd, introduction.

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