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Against the Modernization Eastern Madrasas

Nûbihar Akademî Journal, I/1, 55-68. (The full text of the article is in Zazaki Kurdish.)


The aim of this study is to research how the madrassas stay out Tevhidi Tedrisat and by which strategies continues their effects. Method of the study is qualitative. It is based on screening of the literature and obtaining data from in-depth interviews on the subject / topic. In the study, contrary to modern social sciences, the east has been recognized as a subject/maker as the east is analyzed as an object in the modern social sciences. In this study, this approach has been criticized and all actions of the east are analyzed in the context of its subjectivity. As a result, the madrasas are committed as a power in the society. They have continued to impact the society by performing different functions. These functions transformed madrasas as a power into the society. Madrasas have resolved problems among people related with civil law, land law and commercial law. In this sense, they have worked as a court. Madrasas are a religious, political and cultural opposition center. Another positive aspect of madrasas was that they maintained teaching Zazaki/Kirki Kurdish (as well as Kurmanji Kurdish) at a time when Kurdish language was banned.

Keywords: modernization, East / Kurdish Madrassas, subject, strategy.


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