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Editing Articles (Proofreading)

In the homeland and diaspora, there are many Kurdish researchers, experts and academics who have developed themselves in various scientific fields. However, lots of them cannot write their scientific articles in Kurdish because of the conditions and circumstances which they have lived in. Nubihar Akademi Journal invites them to take the initiative for writing their articles in Kurdish. Articles which have been written in Kurdish and sent to Nubihar Akademi Journal will be examined, reviewed and edited by our experts. The submitted articles will be checked and edited in two aspects:

1. Normal Editing Normal editing is a kind of making corrections in spelling. This sort of proofreading is for the authors whose Kurdish knowledge is good enough and acceptable academically but not in spelling.

2. Advanced Editing Advanced editing is reconstituting sentences semantically. This kind of proofreading is for the authors whose speaking skill in Kurdish is good enough to transfer their thoughts into writing but their terminological and grammatical ability in the language is not adequate.

Note:After editing of articles is completed, the articles will be forwarded to referees. Proofreading works will be done only in Kurmanji and Zazaki dialects. Proofreading and editing articles is a paid work.

  • To have your articles proofread by our referees, please send them to the following e-mail;

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