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An Inscription of Madrasah of Mîr Hesenê Welî

Mamoste, Edremêt/Wan


A lot of madrasas were built by Kurds in the period of the emirates. The madrasa of Mîr Hesenê Welî is one of those madrasas which was famous among the Kurds. This madrasa was built by the Emirate of Miks in Miks District (Turkish: Bahçesaray). We haven’t had certain information about this madrasa. An inscription of the Madrasa of Mir Hesenê Welî was found recently and in this document we are introducing that inscription. Thanks to this inscription we now know by whom this madrasa was built and how many times it has been restored.

Key Words: Inscription, Madrasa, Mîr Hesenê Welî, Kurdish, The Emirate of Miks.

Dabar Kirin

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