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Review Procedure for Articles

1. The first evaluation of the articles is done by the publication board. The articles that are not in line with regulations of the journal in terms of form and content are sent back to their authors to be corrected. In the next phase, the articles that are suitable (with original versions if they are translated from another language) are sent to three reviewers. The decision to publish the articles submitted to the journal is made according to critique of these reviewers. If at least two (out of three) referees decide that your manuscript can be published, then your study will be published (after a revision based on the suggestions). If the reviewers ask for corrections and make suggestions, the articles are immediately sent to their authors and are asked to make improvements and corrections to the articles according to suggestions of the reviewers. The articles sent for corrections must be resent to the journal at latest within a month. If requested corrections are not made and the articles are not resent to the journal before the deadline, the publication board has the authority (this time) to decide whether to publish the articles or not. In case of disagreement between the reviewers and the authors, the decision to publish the articles is taken by the publication board. The articles that have been corrected can be re-evaluated by the reviewers if necessary.

2. A letter about whether their articles are accepted or rejected along with copies of referee reports is sent to authors. This could be done via post or e-mail. Authors will be informed about the articles not published in the first two issues of the journal from the delivery date. Whether published or not, the submitted articles are never returned to authors.

3. Responsibility of opinions in the articles belongs to their authors. Publication rights of the articles approved to be published belong to the journal.

4. Articles and figures in the journal can be quoted on condition that the name of the journal is mentioned.

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