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Kurdish Nationality and Its Repercussions in the Modern Kurdish Poetry


Kurdish nationalism emerged counter to formal nationalism of Ottoman Empire under the influenced of Armenian national awakening. After the Second Constitutional Era, discourse of Kurdish poets turned into a cultural discourse and a discourse wishing for modernism. Thus, reading, progressivism, and information were the priority issues of the poets of that period. After 1940s, Kurdish poets, far from their predecessors, reorganized features and contents of Kurdish nationalism under the influence of Marxist ideology, additionaly, components of nationalism were defined according to Marxist ideology to assist communist front. However, this discourse was criticised by the poet Hejar during the September Revolution. This was because, communist states supported Ebdulkerim Qasim against Kurdish revolutionist and communists accused Kurdish activities of being reactionist. This shows that the structure and content of Kurdish nationalism altered according to the changes in the world in that century and those changes were best reflected by the discourse of nationalist Kurdish poets.

Keywords: Kurdish nationalism, modern Kurdish poetry, cultural and modernism wishing nationalism, leftist nationalism, Kurdism.

Dabar Kirin

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Wanebêj, Zanîngeha Mardin Artukluyê, Enstîtuya Zimanên Zindî, Şaxa Makezanista Ziman û Çanda Kurdî, Mêrdîn, Turkiye. / Lecturer, Mardin Artuklu University, Living Languages Institute, Kurdish Language and Culture Departmant, Mardin, Turkey.

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