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Mīr Shamsaddīn Walī and Shamsaddīnian Coins

ABSTRACT: The Medieval era is an important era for Kurds. In that era many Kurdish emirates declared their independence and as symbols of independence they minted coins and read sermon. One of those emirates is Roshkan emirate. Mir Shamsaddīn Walī is the first emir of this dynasty who minted coin in his name. We introduce three kinds of coins and six examples from those kinds in this study. Some of important features of these coins are: (1) All these coins are silver and minted in Bidlīs. (2) They are called as ‘Shamsaddīnī coins’. (3) They have been known among Kurds till last centuries. (4) These coins have been protected as sanctified money.

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Wanebêj, Zanîngeha Mardin Artukluyê, Fakulteya Îlahiyatê, Beşa Dîroka Îslamê, Mêrdîn, Turkiye. / Lecturer, Mardin Artuklu University, Divinity Faculty, Department of Islamic History, Mardin, Turkey -

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