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Molla Abdulfettah Hezroyî and Eulogy for Pen (Manuscript and Review)


The poems in classical literature on the subject of pen are of importance both as a literary genre and for bearing the traces of the culture and civilization. These poems reveal several literary arts by reflecting the dialogue of the poet with the pen, several characteristics of the pen and utilising the pen metaphor. In the present study, first, the definition of pen and its significance and important examples in classical Kurdish literature are addressed. Later on, the life and works of Molla Abdulffettah Hazroyi and his eulogy for pen consisting of 124 couplets were emphasised. The form and content of the above mentioned poem are analysed, transcribed into Latin text using the transcription alphabet, and a vocabulary is developed. Furthermore, handwritten manuscript of the poem is included in the appendices section.

Keywords: Molla Abdulfettah Hezroyî, pen,   pen   eulogy,   classical   Kurdish literature.

Dabar Kirin

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