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A Comparative Study on “The Interlopers” and “Bêbextî”



The magazines of Hawar and Ronahî are the essential source of modern Kurdish literature. As we know, in establishing these two magazines and filling in their contents, Celadet Ali Bedirkhan took a great deal of responsibilities. He used a dozens of names to fill in the contents of these two magazines.  One of these names is Bişarê Segman. Along with historical stories, he also translated some stories from the World Literature. Thanks to these translations, we obtain information about Celadet ali Bedirkhan and shed lights onto recources of Hawar and Ronahî magazines. Though this study, I will try to compare his story “Bêbextî” with Hector Hugh Munro’s “The Interlopers”. Therefore, through this study, we will reach another source of Celadet Ali Bedirkhan.

Keywords: Celadet Ali Bedirhkan, Hector Hugh Munro, Short Story, Bêbextî, The Interlopers.

Dabar Kirin

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