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Erdelans in Northern Sources


As a significant fact in Kurdish history, The Erdelan Beylic continued its existence through seven hundred years some- times independently, sometimes aoutonomously, and semi- autonomously. However, Erdelan has never come to be known among Northern Kurds for a long time. Informations about Erdelan Beylic are very limited in early periodicals and newspapers published by Northerners, but after the foundation of Turkish Republic, parallel to the books in Kurdish language, the ones about Kurds were also forbidden. For this reason, Erdelan science, like other areas of Kurdology, could not become prevalent. In 1970’s, Kurds began founding publishing houses and publishing books about themselves. The translation of Şe- refname (1971) seems to be the first attempt in this period. In late 1970’s, books of foreigner Kurdologs including limited informations about Erdelans were published. After 1990’s, parallel to the rise of Kurdish policy in North, strong cultural institutions and publishing houses were begun to be founded in this period. Along the same line, Kurdish intellectuals in diaspora have translated the basic texts about Kurds to both Kurdish and Turkish. This made the informations about Erdelans increase. In this article, Northern Erdelan science is going to be presented and contrasted within the scope of informations mentioned above. We are going to try to disclose how Erdelans are reflected in Turkish sources.

Keywords: Kurd, Kurdology, Erdelan, North, history.

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