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The Experience of Kurdish Language Status as a Minorited Language


This article aims at exploring the status of Kurdish language in the history. Language status is a concept concerning about language use and language function. It is based on juridical status, language origin, degree of standartization and vitality of the language. These prosperities of language status are related to politic, cultural, economical and historical situations, language status can also change with these impressions. As a minorited language, the status of Kurdish language has continually changed because of these impressions for hundred of years. In the light of these facts, we will analyze changes in the status of Kurdish language in three terms by compraing with some languages putting through the similar process. These periodas are feudal, nation state and deconstruction nation state periods. In feudal period, there were the cultural and political status of Kurdish language because it had patronage by the Kurdish emirates, in the nation state as a consequence of Turkish modernization process and collapsing of the Kurdish emirates, Kurdish language put through hard process and lost its political status. In deconstruction nation state, nationalism lost its influence, bans on Kurdish language was partly removed by Turkish state but Kurdish language has no cultural and politcal status because of social and economical challenges.

Keywords: minorited language, language status, feudality, nation state, modernism.

Dabar Kirin

About M. Şirin FİLİZ

Peywirdarê Lêkolînê, Zanîngeha Mardin Artukluyê, Enstîtuya Zimanên Zindî, Şaxa Makezanista Ziman û Çanda Kurdî, Mêrdîn, Turkiye. / Research assistant, Mardin Artuklu University, Living Languages Institute, Kurdish Language and Culture Departmant, Mardin, Turkey.

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