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The Practice of Kurds in Non-European Modernization


As in many other Ottoman communities, among Kurds European thoughts emerged at the beginning of the twentieth century in Istanbul. According to their own main features, the total of those thoughts were non- European ones. However Kurds’ experience differs from oriental-Islamic modernizations because of absence of state. The determinant that place modern thoughts and lifestyle is will and energy of of a literated person rather than bureaucratic tendencies of state. That person who has ideals of enlightment thoughts believes that his nation can reach then modern train via schooling and education, a rationalist life and society, science and technique as well as founding a constitutional government. Therefore Kurdish intellectual as he leads an awakening or a national revive he both formed an agitation of national sensitiveness and has an academic interest which head for introducing his own culture, literature and history. The social articles of the Kurdish intellectual until the beginning of the First World War emphasizes this fact.

Keywords: Modernization, Kurd, education, reason, science, Kurdish intellectual, enlightment, article.

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