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Nûbihar Publication, which has been carrying on its loyal kurdish publishing for the past 20 years, is aiming to put out on the platform of Nûbihar magazine a peer-reviewed scholarly journal named as Nûbihar AKADEMÎ in Kurdish language in Turkey for the first time.

Nûbihar AKADEMÎ is a peer-reviewed academic journal that will be publishing articles in the field of Kurdology. Nûbihar AKADEMÎ is published biannually in spring and autumn. Publication languages are Kurdish (all dialects) and English.

Nûbihar AKADEMÎ will will try to reach out to all academics and Kurdologists across the world and do a better job with their supervision and consultation. The journal expect the assistance and support of all devoted Kurdish academics so they can empower Nûbihar AKADEMÎ with their peer reviewing and articles.

Deadline for First Issue
15 MAY 2013

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  1. Ez xebata we pîroz dikim.Ji were serkeftin û serfirazîyê dixwazim.

  2. Ez jî vî karî karekî pîroz dibînim.

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