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A Few Documents from the Period of the Malkishi Emirate

Independent Scholar, Türkiye

The Malkishi Emirate ruled around the Charsancaq region of Dersim, which consists of Chamishgazak, Mazgirt, Pertek and Saghman. They ruled from the XVI century to the Ottoman Period. The first mir of this family is Khalid al-Malkishi al-Kurdi as the sources mention. This article speaks about the inscription of the Yalmaniya Madrasa,
which was built by the nephew of Khalid Beg, Yalman Beg; and the tombs of two mirs of Malkishi and some coins that were printed in Chamishgazak by the mirs of Malkishi in the name of the rulers of that period. Finally the family tree of the mirs of Malkishi until the Ottoman Period is drawn.

Dabar Kirin

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