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Issue 2

March, 2015

  • 9 March


    Dehqan M. (2015). Literary Citations in the Sharaf-Nāma (Di Şerefnameyê de Iqtibasên Edebî), Nûbihar Akademî Journal, I/2, 11- 32 (The full text of the article is in English.) Khayati K. (2015). Diasporic Narratives of Serhedî Kurds in France-Memory of Homeland, Refugee-hood and Social Exclusion (Li Fransayê Vegotinên Diyasporîk ên Kurdên …

  • 8 March

    Editorial 2

    Dear researchers, We are very happy and proud that the first copy of the Nûbihar Akademy has made a good impression among the researchers, academicians and the lovers of the Kurdish language. It is as important to ensure the continuation of a work as it is to initiate it. Therefore, …

  • 7 March

    Literary Citations In The Sharaf-nāma

    Abstract: The Sharaf-nāma, that huge compendium of Kurdish history, constitutes a large collection of gnomic sayings which has survived in the text. It is possible, in general, to distinguish between two types of gnomic literature in the Sharaf-nāma. A distinction can be made between verse compositions containing mainly pragmatic advice …

  • 6 March

    Diasporic Narratives of Serhedî Kurds in France –Memory of Homeland, Refugee–hood and Social Exclusion

    This article stipulates that the diasporic narratives of Serhedî Kurds who lived as asylum seekers, rejected asylum seekers and political refugees in the French Provence during second half of 1990s and the first half of 2000s are constituted in the first place around a common sense of victimhood,

  • 5 March

    Ottoman Reforms and Kurdish Reactions in the19th Century

    The last century of the Empire can be called a “Reform Century” since throughout the 20th century, the Empire implemented radical reforms covering its military, economic, social and administrative structures.

  • 4 March

    The evaluation and description of the writing mistakes in four gradesof elementary schools

    Language is a means of acquaintance in societies (groups). This linguistic process begins from listening and in its written form it becomes a reading process. Reading and writing are two main properties of education system.

  • 2 March

    A Classroom Research on Whether Using L1 or L2 in L3 Acquisition

    In some countries such as Turkey students are taught L3 (English) through L2 (Turkish) but not through L1 (their native language -Kurdish). Do we face any obstacles while the language we are trying to teach our

  • 1 March


    (Kurdî) Mîr Evdal, herî zêde bi çîroka evînî ya navdar “Mem û Zîn”ê tê zanîn. Ji bilî vê çîrokê, kes nizane Mîr Evdal kî ye, kengê jiyaye û di serdema wî de ji bilî vê trajediya evînê çi qewimiye. Navê Mîr Evdal ê rastî Ebdullah e.