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Selim Temo ERGÜL

Dr., Zanîngeha Mardin Artukluyê, Fakulteya Edebiyatê, Beşa Ziman û Edebiyata Tirkî, Mêrdîn, Turkiye / Asst. Prof., Mardin Artuklu University, Faculty of Literature, Department of Turkish Language and Literature, Mardin, Turkey /

May, 2017

  • 4 May

    Erdelans in Northern Sources

    ABSTRACT: As a significant fact in Kurdish history, The Erdelan Beylic continued its existence through seven hundred years some- times independently, sometimes aoutonomously, and semi- autonomously. However, Erdelan has never come to be known among Northern Kurds for a long time. Informations about Erdelan Beylic are very limited in early …