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The Analysis Of Ez Xelef im Song In The Footsteps Of Ninetenth Century Of Kurdish History

ABSTRACT: Kurdish oral cultur sepecially Kurdish traditional music has a great of importance as being a source of Kurdish history. In this sense, Ez Xelef im song as being one of the popular represantive of Kurdish folk song is a oral source to clear and examine the nineteenth century of Kurdish history although there isn’t any certain information about its meaning. To handle this song with developments of ninetenth century of Kurdish history will provide both having a new historical outlook about that said times and having various evaluations about the meaning of song. Ez Xelef im song which has a epic meaning in Kurdish verbal memory is a reflection of that moving period of ninetenth century Kurdish history. Because this song almost has a rhythm and content that reflect the the wars, political and politics development in Kurdistan during nineteenth century. From another angle this song also has a lot of hints which provide thinking about developments never handled by written history of Kurdistan and provide evaulating some events and persons which registered to written history by a non-objective way with a new perspective.

Keywords: “Ez Xelef im”, nineteenth century, uprising, resistance Êzdînşêr, Shaykh Ubeydullah.

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