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Standard Language, Phonology and Alphabet


Historical events played a big role in the fact that the Kurds still do not have an own alphabet without obstacles. If those obstacles are known to researchers and if they investigate in them and obtain cultural results, the latter can become a scientific fundament so that step by step the formal Kurdish writing can be built on. Each of both alphabets the Kurds have for writing, whether the Arabic or the Latin letters of the alphabet are used, has its obstacles and shortcomings. It is possible to resolve this issue with scientific measurements and understanding of the alphabet in order to adjust and conform those with the unique needs of the Kurdish language.

This thesis called “Standard Language, Phonology and Alphabet” is about the standardization of the language and its relation to phonology and writing. In addition, the attempt to identify the number of phonemes by vowels and consonants is made. There are some notes registered about writing, as well. The research is a branch of phonology and has taken advantage of the other branches of linguistic methods whenever needed. This thesis is a descriptive analysis and has not been influenced by any historical events.

Keywords: Kurdish language, standard language, standard alphabet, phonology.

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